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Bentonite is a rock composed of more than one type of mineral, although smectites and their essential constituents give Bentonite its characteristic properties. It was discovered and classified in 1888 in Fort Benton, Wyoming, USA, thereby receiving the name "Bentonite". Bentonite has very special properties, particularly its expansion in water which gives it a voluminous and gelatinous mass. Bentonites are also called "activated clay" because of their affinity in certain chemical reactions that are caused by excessive negative charge.

Bentonite is important mineral for various industries such as Oil and Gas, Iron ore palletization, Foundry & casting , Civil engineering application, Paper industries, Paint industries, Ceramic industries, Animal feed industries, Poultry industries, Water well Drilling, Fertilizer industries, Cosmetic industries and many more.

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Other Usages of Bentonite

Water impedance: As a barrier for Wine Clarification, Pond sealing, Wine and Juice clarifying agent.
Cements, Ceramics Plasters: As a plasticizing agent.
Insecticides : As a carrier.
Insulation : As a binder.
Porcelain : As a suspending agent.
Sewer Pipes : As a lubricant and sealant.

Bentonite Available Grades

1. A.P.I 13 A Section 4
2. O.C.M.A Grade(As per A.PI Section 6)
3. O.C.M.A DFCP-4
4. Iron Ore Pelletizing Grade
5. Foundry Grade
6. High Yield
7. Tablet (Pellete) Form


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