Iron Ore Palletization


Iron Ore Pellet binding and it can also withstand higher temperature since it contains more percentages of metal. The grade is also having higher natural percentage of Iron which is ideal in isolating ore pellets with the maximum percentages of Iron. The Iron Ore Pelletization plant is able to maintain active clay levels with reduced additions of Bentonite. Since IOP grade bentonite is having high Mont values, it offers more superior thermal durability. Sodium activated Bentonite, design to meet all require property for making proper ball from fines, the binding property of Bentonite makes it use full for such kind of application.


Develop excellent green and dry ball strength with lower addition of bentonite. Remain keep excellent bonding strength before and after firing of pallets. Due to high absorption capacity, build bond with pallets and preventing lumping and caking. Absorbing excess moisture and oils due to its high absorbing properties.


Bentonite is used as a binding agent in the production of iron ore pellets. Through this process, iron ore fines are converted into spherical pellets, suitable as feed material in blast furnaces for pig iron production, or in the production of direct reduction iron.