Electric & Earthing


Bentonite is widely accepted for the purpose of improving ground conductance in electrical earthing. The common practice of making a good ground bed for earthing is to use coal, salt (Nacl) and water but these formula has some limitation.


It can absorb up-to 1000% of water. Can maintain the moisture for long duration no need to recharge. No need to add extra salt or coal, it’s a readymade product to use. Non corrosive product, no corrosion of electroplates. Reduce soil resistivity.Easily compact. Easily compact. Allows least ohomic value fluctuation. Good capacity to clear the fault current and helps to overcome electrical hazardous. Even can use at desert area.


It’s recommended to mix with fresh water available at the site. This will holds its shape and adhere to the walls of the electrode to provide a direct contact between the earth and the electrode. With its ability to retain the water the compound always hydrated within the bed irrespective of the surface temperature. In case of cost effective mix at least 40% of compound with site’s soil and fill the pit then watering the pit for good result use layer formation to watering.