Civil Engineering


Bentonite slurries are used in the construction of special foundations for digging diaphragm walls and bored piles. In geothecnical engineering, bentonite is used for self-hardening mixtures employed to build cut off walls, grouting mortars, and grouting. Finally, bentonite waterproofing properties are best exploited in environmental engineering, to seal off soil infiltrations, and line the base of landfills. Premium sodium activated Bentonite suitable to use Diaphragm walling, Board pilling, Slurry trench cut off and other similar technology, superb wall holding capacity ensure minimal collapse. The Yield of this product is 120 BBL.


Instant thixotropic gel. Good Yield point to carry cutting. Lubricate and cool drill bit. One bag slurry for many applications. Near zero collapse


Simply add 47 kg Fresh water to get 40 second marsh viscosities.