Animal Feed


Bentonite is used as an animal feed supplement. Under European regulations, it is classified as a food additive, with E number E558. Bentonite is used as a pelletizing aid in the production of animal feed pellets. Due to its high adsorption power, it is particularly effective against micotoxins. Bentonite can be used as safe feed binder and it is technically approved by differ Organization like EFSA, they have published their journal dated on 22 July 2012, where they consider Bentonite as feed binder but the limit is max. 2%. Hence it is safe to use as binder.


Our product is obtained by selective mining for feed binder application which have enough binding strength to achieve bond with fine grain, you do not need to add more, Our product have such good bonding property, you just add 1% to 1.5% by weight and go your desire strength, no cracking nothing. The fineness of material play an important role to aggregate, more fine powder have more surface area, hence low consumption. Our material is calcium based Bentonite which requires low water for molding, hence the drying time of final product will be less as compare to common practice, on the other hand you can save on fuel or electricity bill. Normally bentonite have pH in range of 8-10 which helps you feed anti acidic and keeps the livestock free from stomach related problem. Since calcium bentonite have a unique structure which helps bentonite to exchange cation which is again denote as CEC which helps bentonite to create a positive charge at upper surface and same amount negative charge at inner structure, however the it can adsorb or bind the toxic like Mycotoxin and aflatoxin as those are Gram positive. This unique property is also certified by several international organization like EU commission, regulation no 386/2009.


It is recommended to use binder for all animal feeds.